Three Tips To More Efficiently Maintain A Solar Powered Air Conditioning System

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Powering an air conditioning system with solar panels is a great way to both save money and help the environment. While you will have to pay the upfront cost of installing the solar panels, in many areas of the country, your investment will be more than worth it. Before you've installed your solar powered air conditioning system, remember these three tips so that the maintenance work you'll have to do will be easier.

Make Sure The Cables Powering The Air Conditioner Aren't Failing

The electricity generated by your solar panels has to be transmitted to an exterior air conditioning unit with the help of thick cables. Most of the time, these cables are thick enough to resist the attacks of squirrels, mice, and insects for some time.

However, the longer an exterior cable is exposed to snow and extremely cold weather, the more likely that you'll see a breach develop. So if you live in an area with harsh winters and extreme temperature shifts, always keep an eye on the state of your electrical cables.

Keep All Of Your Panels Well Off The Ground

Solar panels that are only slightly off the ground are extremely vulnerable to pests. Even panels up on your roof will be much better off if you install a small foundation of metal bars to keep them off the surface.

This doesn't mean, of course, that it's a good idea to plant your solar panels so high up that they're vulnerable to collapsing in the face of strong winds. The proper balance between height, cost, and reliability will vary widely based on how many stories your home has, whether you have any tall trees near your roof, and how big your property is.

Make Sure That Your Air Conditioning Unit Has Access To Backup Power

Solar panels cannot generate electricity all the time. Therefore, you'll either need to have a backup connection with the normal power grid or utilize a gas powered generator.

Gas generators are only really the right choice when you don't have regular access to normal electricity. Since air conditioners aren't generally necessary during blizzards and serious storms, it's hard to justify the added expense and maintenance problems that will come with a backup generator.

Don't let the challenges you'll face with a solar powered air conditioning system completely deter you from adopting it. With time, all the trouble you'll have to go through will be well worth it.