3 Genius Places To Use Recessed Lighting

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Recessed lighting can give a sleek, modern look to any room in your house, but going crazy with the can lights can start to look a bit strange. However, there are several places where you can use recessed lighting without giving a warehouse-type look to your entire house. Here are three perfect places where you can sink your light fixtures for a chic design. 

1. Bathrooms

The bathroom is a perfect place for recessed lighting because it keeps the space open, which can make even a closet-sized bathroom look like a mansion's master bath. In order to get the most for your lights, however, make sure to include a line of lights above the bathroom mirror, where most people put exterior lights. It's important to remember that while the lights may be recessed, placement is even more important. 

2. Basement

The basement is an often overlooked place for recessed lighting because space is almost always a factor when finishing a basement. Also, since finished basements are a fairly modern invention, this style of lighting can increase the ultra-sleek look of a lean and mean finished basement. For an even better look, use bulbs on the cooler side of the color appearance spectrum for a sharper look. These lights will not only give you a lean look from the fact that the bulbs are hidden, but the more blue light will look super modern as well. 

3. Closets

Much like the bathroom, it is important to get the most out of your space in a closet, and a hanging bare bulb is a recipe for disaster when it comes to fumbling around looking for hockey pads or an umbrella. Therefore, using recessed lighting can give you more room to move around and store things in your closet. For a quick fix, simply replace your hanging bulb with a can light, or if you're starting from scratch, lining the edges of the ceiling can create a dazzling effect. 

With the rise of recessed lighting, the use of these sunken bulbs has become almost cliche in common places like the kitchen or a home theater. However, there are a few places that remain untapped for the use of high-tech looking can lights from companies like Dhillon Lighting Inc Designer. If you want to redo your home's lighting with these cutting edge fixtures, the closet, bathroom and basement are all perfect places to start, and the process is easy as can be to get started.