Why You Should Build A Swimming Pond And How To Do It

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If you have your own property and are thinking of putting in a swimming pool, consider making it a natural pond instead. Natural ponds are usually less expensive than traditional swimming pools, and they are ecologically good for the surrounding environment. Read on to find out more benefits of installing a natural pond and how you can do it.


Building a pond on your property is good for the environment. You will find that the naturally growing plants in your pond will oxygenate and cleanse the water. Your pond will also provide a home for frogs, fish, and other water and plant life. 

Constructing your own natural pool/pond is also economically friendly. How much you ultimately spend, of course, depends on the size and design of the pond. If you want all the bells and whistles, including a waterfall or beach, you will inevitably put more money into building it.

The beauty of a natural pond is that you can start out simple and add to it over time. So go ahead and start with digging a simple hole, and improve upon your swimming hole each year little by little.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A natural pool looks much better than a concrete, square or rectangular pool. Swimming in natural water is healthier for your body than chlorinated pool water. You can add a waterfall, as previously mentioned, or a dock or pier to sit and relax on.

Water lilies, irises, and other fauna will add to the visual appeal of the pond. You will have a more "Zen" feeling hanging out at your swimming pond than you could ever get with a regular swimming pool. The plants and micro-organisms will clean the water, all without harsh, damaging chemicals. 

Basics on Building a Pond

First start with digging a hole in the ground. Instead of making a deep, all-one-length hole in the ground, make levels that graduate to the deepest depth of the pond. Try to make a slope as well, so that the hole will have less of a chance of caving in.

Some people fancy covering the hole with a leak-proof tarp before filling it with water, but it's up to you if you want to do that or not. Try to keep one end of the pond reserved for plants, and a deeper end for swimming. 

Another benefit of making a natural pond is that you will only need to fill it once, and do not have to cover it during cold seasons. Adding a pump to help filter and turn the water over is also an option, but not necessary. Keep in mind that you can build it yourself or hire professionals to put it in for you, along with a pier or deck on the side.

Consider how lovely your landscaping will be with a pond. Imagine a beautiful natural swimming hole with plant life right there in your own private paradise. A natural pond will give back to you and the environment for years to come. Talk to people like Okanagan Pile Driving for more information.