How To Maintain Soffit And Fascia Boards

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The roofline on your home is very important when it comes to the overall look of your roof and home as a whole. This is why it is very important to keep your soffit and fascia boards clean and painted. It is also important to maintain these critical boards because termites, moisture, sun fading and the elements can damage them. If you maintain your wooden soffit and fascia boards, you will have a cleaner and stronger roof line.

What to Look For

The easiest way to maintain your soffit and fascia is simply through constantly inspecting them. Look for areas where the wood looks swollen or faded. If the paint is worn away, the wood could be exposed to water damage. If water soaks into the wood, it can lead to swelling that can weaken the entire roof line. You will also want to fix any holes caused by termites or other pests. If animals make a home in your roof line, they can cause structural damage and possibly create a route into the interior of your home. These are the areas that you will want to seal and repaint before they become a more severe problem.

Fixing Small Holes in Your Soffit and Fascia

If you do need to make running repairs to your soffit and fascia boards, it is a good idea to always keep the matching paint on hand. Make sure that you use latex or oil based exterior paint. This paint will effectively waterproof the wood and offer an extra layer of protection from the elements. Small holes and scratches, along with areas where the existing paint is simply faded away, can simple be painted over with a brush.

However, if you have not maintained your soffit and fascia, it is very likely that you will need to make a few more serious repairs before you simply paint over them. In most cases, you can use heavy-duty wood filler to fill any cavities in the wood. If the wood is rotted or rough, you will need to sand it down before you apply any wood filler. You will definitely need to lightly sand the area after the wood filler has dried. Of course, you do not want to leave behind any signs that work was done. So try to sand the patched area so it looks completely flat before you paint it.

Once the area is prepped, it is very easy to simply brush on the paint. Apply an extra coat for extra strength and weather resistance.

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