Ways To Increase Airflow In The Home

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Home renovations can achieve many different goals. Some homeowners are simply looking to update a few key rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Others are looking for an entire redesign. Some homeowners are looking for specific changes. One such specific change that some homeowners seek is to increase airflow in the home. This is very common in areas where indoor outdoor living is common, especially during the summer months in Canada.

Renovation contractors can achieve increased airflow in a home through a variety of changes including new windows, doors, and floor plans:

New Windows

When attempting to increase airflow in the home, the first step is often installing new windows. Window type and placement can play a large role in how well a room is ventilated and how well air circulates throughout a home. Casement windows, skylights, and sliding windows can all be used to increase airflow. Placement of these windows is key to achieving the desired airflow throughout the home.

A contractor can help determine the optimal placement for these windows and which types of window should be used in certain areas.

New Doors

When the weather is beautiful, it is nice to be able to bring the outdoors inside. This indoor outdoor living has become very popular in recent years. A contractor can help choose and install a patio door that keeps the air flowing without increasing energy bills. They can also alter doorway size in order to maximize airflow. Wider doorways are a great way that contractors bring the breeze in to an indoor space. French doors and sliding doors are popular options for homeowners looking to bring the outside in. 

Rearrange Floor Plans

Natural airflow and ventilation is very much affected by floor plan. While new windows and doors can increase airflow and ventilation, a new floor plan can help take it a step further. One way that a contractor can help increase airflow is by orienting the floor plan in a way that takes advantage of natural wind patterns and creates cross ventilation.

Clever placement of windows and walls can help funnel air through a home, which is especially helpful during the summer months. These techniques can also be used in individual rooms or on additions where natural airflow is desired. 

Increasing natural airflow in the home can take careful planning and the professional eye of a renovation contractor. New doors, windows, and floor plans can go a long way in increasing natural airflow. This natural airflow can help save money on energy costs and help bring the outdoors in.