4 Roofing Maintenance Services You Can Do On Your Own

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Taking care of the roofing of your home is just as vital as other parts of home maintenance, but many homeowners make the mistake of putting it off for years due to the costs of professional roofers or the work involved in reaching the roof. Instead of being overwhelmed by the steps involved in maintaining your roof, look into the tasks that you can do on your own. By including the following services in routine maintenance of your home, you'll be able to keep the roof in good condition over the years.

Clean Out Gutters

If you're concerned over the damage that heavy rain can do to both the roofing and the exterior of your home, it's a good idea to take some time cleaning out the gutters. The gutters direct rainwater away from your roofing and towards a downspout in an area that will prevent flooding. Installing gutters guards and leaf trappers will help keep the downspout clear and routine gutter cleaning will help keep rain flowing smoothly.

Check for Any Damage

Looking for broken shingles or tiles is a job that you'll easily be able to handle on your own with a ladder and some protective clothing. Choosing a clear and warm day for this service is a good idea for the most safety, along with staying close to the roof and taking your time as you inspect the condition of the roof.

Maintain Landscaping Near the Roof

Tall trees and shrubbery can lead to damage to the roofing if you're not careful to keep everything trimmed properly. Branches and debris can fall onto the roof and cause potential damage if you're not careful. It's always a good idea to take care of the landscaping.

Inspect the Ceiling and Attic for Leaks

If you've noticed any mold on the ceilings of your home, it could be due to a leak coming from above. Leaks could be present in roof vents, dormers, or other areas of the roof, causing significant damage underneath. It can be hard to detect any leaks from on top of your roof, so you'll want to make a habit of inspecting the ceilings from time to time to look for signs of mold.

Taking the time to look into what kind of maintenance services you can handle on your own will help make a dramatic difference in the condition of your roof in the years to come. Instead of expecting that only professional roofers are capable of maintaining your roof, you'll feel empowered knowing that you can do a lot for keeping the roof in good shape over the years. If you do have a serious roofing issue, however, visit J D Sanderson Inc.