Signs That You're Going To Need Tree Removal This Spring

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Tree removal is an important service because dead and dying trees can be a hazard on your property. Knowing the signs that that your tree needs to be removed can help you avert disaster and may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Tree is Leaning

Most trees don't grow completely straight up and down, but a noticeable and disturbing angle can be a sign that your tree is ill and needs to be removed. A related sign that your tree needs to be removed is that the soil opposite the tree's lean has heaved upward. Check your tree for indications that the root is straining to hold your tree in place or that the soil has been recently disturbed. If it has, this could be a sign that your tree is diseased and is in the slow process of falling over. 

Mold and Fungus

Mold and mushrooms growing on the trunk of the tree are a sign that the tree has begun to rot from the inside out. If you happen to notice that your tree is becoming a home for mushrooms, this could be a sign that your tree is on a slow decline. Although you may not need tree removal this spring, you could need it down the road. Contact an arborist to find out more.

Tree Produces Fewer Leaves Than It Used To

Failure to produce the expected number of leaves is a sign that a tree is unhealthy and may be an indication of slow death. If your tree has produced fewer leaves than in past growing seasons, and is doing so again this growing season, it's possible your tree needs to be removed. 

Similarly, if the tree's autumn color came about prematurely last fall, and if its autumn color came prematurely in the past few years, this is also an indication of distress in your tree. If last fall was the second or third year in a row that your tree produced colorful leaves early in the year, now is the time to remove the tree from your property. 

If you are going to need tree removal this spring, your best bet is to take care of the problem before it's time to landscape or resod your lawn. With your tree gone, you'll have extra sunlight in the yard, which will influence all the plants you decide to grow this coming year. For more information you can discuss tree care with The Arborist.