Learn How To Properly Maintain Your Cedar Roofing

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Cedar roofing can be quite beautiful to have on your home, but it is important that it is properly maintained. Many shingles can be left on the roof with very little maintenance, but cedar shakes require a small bit of care in order to last as long as possible. The following guide walks you through the best ways to maintain your cedar roofing.  

Have the Roof Inspected

It is important to have your cedar shakes inspected regularly to ensure that nothing is living or growing in them. There are different practices used now for the installation of cedar shakes because roofers noticed that the previous methods were not working properly. If your cedar roofing was installed decades ago, there is a chance that felt was used under the shakes and the shakes were spaced too far apart from one another. Mold, mildew, and insects often grow or live in these improperly spaced shakes because of the moisture that collects between them. Inspections allow you to learn if shakes need to be replaced on your roof before a huge infestation takes place.

Have the Roof Cleaned

Cedar shakes are designed to last for many decades if they are cared for properly. Unlike many other roofing options, a good cleaning can make all the difference in the world in the condition of the cedar shakes. If you start to notice black spots developing on your roof or green moss growing on it, you need to have professionals clean the roof right away. The cleaning will not damage the roof, but will stop the fungus that is creating the black spots or kill the moss to stop if from spreading over your entire roof. The cleaning usually takes a very short period of time to complete.

Have Missing Shakes Replaced Immediately

If you notice that you are missing a few cedar shakes on your roof after a big storm, have them replaced right away. The longer the shakes are missing, the more damage that will be caused to your roof. There is felt under the shakes that will be dried out by the sun or become overly saturated by rain or snow if the shakes are not replaced right away. Most roofers can replace missing shakes quickly and easily, once they find the right ones to match the shakes on your home.

Cedar roofing often adds curb appeal to a home because of the elegant look it creates. Maintaining your roof is not overly difficult, if you pay attention to its condition and address issues right away. For more information, contact Samra Bros Roofing or a similar company.