Cedar, Oak, Pine, Oh My! What Wood Is Best for Your New Kitchen Cabinets?

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Cabinet replacement is one of the easiest ways to renovate a kitchen. It adds new life to an otherwise drab kitchen and allows you to repaint or put up new wallpaper easily. However, when choosing the new cabinets, you will have a variety of choices over what wood your cabinets should be. Wood falls into two categories: soft and hardwood. Generally, hardwood should be your first choice, although depending on your situation, pine is a softwood that can make a great kitchen cabinet too.

Going Rustic? Try Pine

Of all the softwoods, pine is the most commonly used to make cabinets. It has a very light color and takes stain easily, so it is extremely versatile. It also tends to have many knots, which people find attractive and lends a rustic air to the décor. The drawback to using softwood like pine is that it dents easily. Therefore, if you plan to use it in a very high traffic area, you should consider an alternative. Either that or learn to love the dings and nicks that are going to accumulate.

It's a Hard Knock Life

There are exceptional hardwood choices for cabinets, including oak, cherry, and maple. Oak comes in two varieties, both of which are exceptional choices for cabinetry. Red oak is in use more often than white oak. This is because the color and grain pattern of red oak is more pronounced, which is considered more aesthetically pleasing. Maple has a very light color and has the added benefit of being more durable and lighter in weight. An up and coming wood that is becoming more popular is birch. Birch has a light color with a very tight grain and is extremely durable.

Grains and Colors

The advantage to a tight-grained wood such as birch or maple is that the appearance is uniform. This allows the color of the wood or stain to come through as a solid color. A pronounced grain pattern causes shadows and a more natural "wood" look. Red oak and hickory are two hardwoods that will show a wider grain pattern. When it comes to color, your choice of wood depends on how you want to treat it. Natural wood color ranges from the glossy red-gold of finished red oak to the dark reddish brown of cherry to the very pale ash. All wood stains very well, hiding imperfections in the wood grain or color easily.

The choice of wood when it comes to your new cabinets is primarily an aesthetic choice. With the wide range of options available, you should find something that will enhance your new home. For assistance choosing your cabinets, talk to a professional like Canlik Kitchens Inc.