Three Facts You Want To Know Before You Buy A Modular Home

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Modular homes can be a great choice for a new home and cost a lot less that traditional construction. They can even be luxury models that have all the features of custom-built homes. Prefab homes can also be built in a fraction of the time as conventional homes. If you are in the market for a new home, here are some facts that you should know about modular homes:    

1. Modular Homes Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Modular homes can be small trailers, tiny homes on wheels or even luxury homes. If you want to have a small and simple home, a modular home can have a simple design with just the things you need. You can also get designs with multiple floors, porches and other features. The larger homes will be built with various modules that are delivered to a site and put together.

2. Custom Features Can Easily Be Added To Modular Designs

If you are worried about custom features for your home, you can get everything you need with a modular home. You can meet with a sales rep and talk with them about the features you want for your home. When the house is built in the factory, all the custom features can be added to give you the perfect dream home. You can choose from things like kitchen cabinet designs, appliances, flooring and finishes to have added to your home. You can even choose things like door and window sizes to be installed in your home.

3. Installation Of Modular Homes Is Quick And Simple

With conventional construction, you have to go through planning and the different phases of construction. The process with modular homes is similar, but it is a lot quicker. Since the home is built in modules in factory conditions, it can be quickly built with quality controls. The home is then delivered to the site where it is put together. This process takes less time and costs less money than conventional construction, which is why many homebuyers are choosing modular homes. You will only need to worry about preparing the planning and preparation for your home to be installed.

These are some facts that you will want to know about modular homes. If you are ready to buy a new home, contact a modular home company (such as Roca Modular Homes) and talk with them about some of the features you are looking for in your home.