Cheap Places To Find Replacement Parts For Your Garage Door

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Having a garage door allows you to secure your vehicle and any stored belongings out of sight. While garage doors are a convenience many people have come to take for granted, when an essential component within your garage door system fails you could find yourself frustrated. Rather than rushing out to pay for new parts to replace faulty garage door components, take the time to look for affordable used parts first.

Here are three places you can look for replacement parts in the future.

1. Look around your neighborhood.

If you live in a subdivision, your neighbors could be a great resource when it comes to finding replacement parts for your garage door. Since the garage door serves as a focal point for many homes, replacing these doors is something home owners do to add value to their property. If someone in your neighborhood is remodeling their home's exterior by getting a new garage door, ask if you can have the parts to their old door. Homes in a subdivision are generally constructed by the same builder, so it's likely that the original door on your neighbor's home matches your own garage door.

2. Talk to someone who collects scrap metal.

Many garage doors are made from aluminum and steel, two metals that can be recycled. If a homeowner has replaced their garage door, they may have contacted someone who collects scrap metal to come pick up the old garage door parts. As a result, scrap metal collectors can have a cache of usable replacement parts for your garage door. If the scrap metal collector doesn't have the part you need on hand, you can have him or her be on the lookout for the part you need in the near future.

3. Shop a discount building supply store.

Discount building supply stores specialize in offering building supplies to their customers at prices that are lower than retail. You can save some money on your garage door replacement parts by opting to make your purchase through a discount building supply store. Be sure that you contact each of the discount building supply locations in your area before you go shopping, since some stores require a contractor's license or membership card in order to make purchases.

You don't have to let the cost of replacement parts deter you from repairing a faulty garage door. By asking a neighbor who is installing a new garage door for their old parts, contacting a scrap metal collector for replacement parts, or shopping at a discount building supply store, you will be able to get the parts you need for cheap.