You Might Need Mature Fields Consulting If...

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It can be difficult to make a coherent plan for developing your oilfield. The rush to get money back to the investors after spending their money on discovery of oilfields and additional resources on particular properties can result in rapid development that has not been thoroughly planned. As a result, a few years into the mining or drilling, you might need to talk to a contractor that specializes in mature fields consulting and construction in order to make sure that you are continuing to make the most of your current fields. Here are some factors that you might have in your oilfield's development that could require mature fields consulting and construction. 

1. You Have Wells That You Need to Abandon

The first thing that you are going to take into consideration is whether or not you have wells that you are going to need to abandon in order to free up resources for further exploration and development of your current, mature oilfield or other oilfields. If you do, you are definitely going to need to speak to a mature fields contracting and construction company. They will be able to help you determine if the well is putting out a small enough supply in order to financially justify closing it and help you close the well without spending any more money. This will help you to reduce the total amount of money that you lose by working on a dead well, as well as allow you to keep from harming the environment or the structure of the ground when you close the well. 

2. Your Current Reservoirs Were Discovered More Than a Few Decades Ago

The next thing that you're going to have to take into consideration is whether or not your current reservoirs were originally discovered long ago. Technology, especially geographic underground mapping, has progressed to the point where it will be able to find more pockets of natural resources and other, nearby, deeper supplies that would have been impossible to tap when the reservoirs were first tapped. Having a mature fields contractor and construction company will allow you to get more use out of your current oilfields and save you the money that would otherwise be required to switch fields.  

For more information about the development of your mature oilfields, speak to a contractor that specializes in this type of oilfield (such as Cat Bros Oilfield Construction Ltd Oilfield Construction). He or she will be able to make recommendations for making the most of your investment in the fields.