Construction Companies: How To Make Your Portable Water Tank Safer

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Keeping your construction crew hydrated and safe during difficult projects is essential. If you currently use a portable water tank to store your crew's water, add a filtration system to it. Although your water tank may seem like the safest method to store water, it won't do your crew any good if the water contains parasites and other hazards. Parasites can cause intestinal inflammations, infections and disease. Here's what you need to know about water filtration systems.  

What Type of Water Filtration System Should You Use?

All water filtration systems all designed to remove contaminants from water. However, a number of systems don't have the capabilities or features to remove all microscopic organisms, such as the eggs and larvae of parasites. Because of their minute sizes, many of these harmful pathogens can pass through most filters on the market and into your crew's water easily.

It's a good idea that you ask a water supplier to install a filtration system that removes pathogens as tiny as 1 micron or smaller. To remove the pathogens, the pores on the system's filter should be no larger than 1 micron, which is similar to the water filtration systems used for homes and businesses. To complete the filtration process, adding bactericides, such as chlorine, to the water helps destroy any pathogens that can still pass through the filter.

What Else Can You Do to Protect Your Crew?

If don't want to use a filtration system with your portable water tank, have a supplier bring water coolers and bottles of water for your crew when they're busy on the field. Water coolers made with in-house filtration systems can be convenient and safe methods to distribute water during breaks or downtimes. 

Another service you may choose is full-service vending. The vending machines may give your crew options of choosing bottled water, coffee and tea. You can store the vending machines directly on or near the construction site, or you can place them in covered tents and inside portable offices. 

A water supplier may deliver water weekly, bi-weekly or daily, depending on their delivery options and schedules. However, it's a good idea that you discuss the needs of your business and crew with a supplier to ensure that you receive the water you need on time. 

For more information about protecting your crew with the right water filtration system or water delivery service, contact a water supplier in Canada today (such as The Waterman bulk water delivery).